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It's about becoming safe to feel what you feel 

-Bessel van der Kolk


You are welcome here.


Perhaps you are feeling stuck, overwhelmed, easily triggered, conflicted inside, reeling from gaslighting, dealing with infidelity or struggling in your relationships. Perhaps you are ready to work with a painful childhood or a challenging experience. Maybe there are two of you ready to work on your relationship. Or maybe you are seeking support with a big change in your life. Whatever your reason is for coming, I'm glad you are here.


If you are feeling ready to look inward I can offer a down-to-earth, caring and validating space where together we can begin to address the things that are hurting you.

I offer in-person and virtual therapy

I have a masters degree in counselling psychology with specialized training in complex trauma and relationships. Many of the issues I work with I understand through study and personal experience as a human, partner and parent in this world. I also bring 16 years of education expertise with a history of supporting adults and teens with learning and change. 

However I now work exclusively with adults, ages 19+

Areas of Focus


I provide support to individuals, couples or family groups of two with trauma, coping, perfectionism, infidelity, gaslighting, self-esteem, PTSD, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, flashbacks, numbing out or shutting down, self-harm, difficult childhood experiences, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, separation/divorce, family problems or pressures, consensual non-monogamy, polyamory, life transitions, big decisions, grief and loss.


I also work with entrepreneurs, spouses/partners of entrepreneurs and creative types who struggle in their relationships (or in being relatable).

Trauma-Informed Approach


You may be nervous to begin, bubbling over with readiness to get into the work, or you may fall somewhere in between. How we work together depends on who you are and what is going on for you. I will meet you where you are at with compassion and without judgment

My approach is trauma informed, IFS-informed (parts work), Humanistic and strengths based, integrating Somatic and Sensorimotor concepts and techniques from a variety of evidence -based modalities with a focus on self-acceptance.

Finding the right therapist is important so we can begin by scheduling a free phone call.

Jenni Shea
M.A. Counselling Psychology, B.Ed., B.A.(Hons)

Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying)


I welcome all.


Contact the Office

Image by Thomas Drouault

67 Frid Street
Hamilton, Ontario
L8P 4M3

Free parking on both sides of building.
Use front doors facing street.

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